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Navigating Uncertain Times with The Right Product Choices

As we come to the end of another year and another decade, we can look back and see some good things we've done and some things we can improve on.

With the uncertainty, we can no longer afford to not plan properly for our current situations and desired outcomes. It becomes more important to dedicate time to figuring out a customized solution for each situation instead of quickly setting up a product and moving on to the next thing.

It is very important what insurance products you, critical illness and disability.

Unlike a car, a new outfit, shoes etc, life insurance should be set up properly for your situation after a well thought out consultation.

Which companies allow you to extend your term without more medical underwriting? How is that important?

Let's say you purchase a 10 year term and in a couple of years, you realize time is going fast and you will need it longer than 10 years at an affordable price. What are your options? Do you just have to go through the underwriting process again or do some companies offer no medical exchanges for a longer period of time?

What if you're going along and get a terminal diagnosis? Can you borrow part of the insurance proceeds to use while you're alive? Would that option be important to have? I would say yes.

Working with clients, I take these and many other scenarios into consideration to place the right solutions. My experience in these and other matters of planning is invaluable and a part of the package of working with me.

My logo shows two roots shaking hands in a tight grip and emphasizes the importance of having the right insurance and investments for a more fruitful future. The right seeds in the right soil with the right amount of sunlight and water can bear many multiples crops for generations to come.

Let me help you plant the right seeds so your family can enjoy many fruitful and shaded years going forward.

I am Glenval Griffiths. Let us leverage my experience and build stronger roots for more abundant fruit.

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