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I've noticed the many advertisements on investment fees over the last couple of years.  I've seen the co-relation with clients asking more about such.  I've had the conversation of bargain basement type pricing vs what I think the real question is----value. What do you get for what you pay for?

Do you have a starter home in the cheapest part of town?  Why not?  It's shelter that is required so why pay more than you have to.  Where's the sense in paying more?

Navigating Uncertain Times with The Right Product Choices

As we come to the end of another year and another decade, we can look back and see some good things we've done and some things we can improve on.
With the uncertainty, we can no longer afford to not plan properly for our current situations and desired outcomes. It becomes more important to dedicate time to figuring out a customized solution for each situation instead of quickly setting up a product and moving on to the next thing.
It is very important what insurance products you buy....life, critical illness and disability.


As we get into that traditional time of giving, many are wondering what would be an ideal gift.  Will it bring joy or is it better to give something practical?

I have noticed that more parents and especially grandparents are concerned about long term, lasting, impactful gifts.  Why not give the gift of permanent insurance?
That sounds odd.....who would want insurance as a gift?  Chances are no child would and if they do, that would be quite unusual.
Why would I suggest such a thing then?

ESTATE ASSET TRANSFERS---Insufficient & Ineffective Planning Prolongs the Process

It has started to happen more often.  Folks are passing away and increasingly their loved ones are frustrated with the process of taking care of the financial assets left behind. 
The deceased expected and thought one thing, but in reality the survivors are going through a stressful, drawn out process to get things finalized.

Could the process have been made easier? Yes, in most cases. 
Why didn't they plan for this? They may have but not as efficiently as they expected.
Why does the family have this headache compounded with losing a loved one?

GUARANTEED INCOME NEEDED? Is a GIC your only option?

I met with a prospective client recently who had some cash but wanted a guaranteed income stream for the next few years with no market risk.  She was considering a 5 year GIC as it seemed the best option she had seen for her situation.

As a 64 year old, she did not want to risk any dips so she had ruled out investing in the markets. She had specific income needs and the 1.5% rate her bank quoted her for her $100000 was lower than she was expecting.  That would be $125/month in interest payments which is well below the $300/month she had hoped to get.

Strategic Planning

During a progress check meeting in January, a client revealed to me how appreciative he and his wife was of my service.  It was very heartwarming to me and confirmed that I am doing the proper job of planning strategically.

On a previous meeting they had revealed that one of their biggest concerns was paying down their mortgage.  I asked some questions around that and discovered that it was more important to be in control as opposed to just paying down that particular debt.  

I introduced them to the Manulife One product and showed them the flexibility that it presented, while allowing them the opportunity at any time to deposit as much as they would like (no up to 25% cap) in order to achieve that goal.

Donations and Volunteering

We would like to say a very grateful thank you to all our clients.  Your patronage is greatly appreciated.  As a result of your business, we were able to make small donations to a few charities. We did Plan Canada which will provided a few different gifts for those in need. We were able to donate toward a goat for milking, baby chickens for raising, breakfast for hungry kids going to school, school essentials, a quinoa project which gets seeds, helps communities with growing, harvesting and making useful, nutritious meals as well as endless harvest.

Online Insurance Purchases--Convenient, But Not Always as Expected

As more things are done online, the convenience is undeniable.  If you don't have to schedule an appointment to make a purchase, take time out, drive to a location and sit (sometimes uncomfortably) with a stranger, why bother?  If you're an early riser or a night owl, why try to fit your needs within certain work hours?

I had a client ask me a couple of months back to quote her some permanent insurance for her and her spouse.  They were just looking for funeral coverage.  I did my research and got back to her with some quotes.


Ithas been an interesting year.  Low oil prices, huge volatility in the markets, massive layoffs etc.  It's not all bad news though.  The sun still comes out and we have another opportunity to forge ahead.
With all the doom and gloom we hear about the economy, our responsibilities still haven't changed much.  Protect our families and provide for them.  There are so many tools out there and so many different opinions on how we should do this. A few times each month i'm asked, RRSP or TFSA?

Uncertainty....What now?

It has been up and down here in our neck of the woods in Alberta.  Low oil prices have had a chain reaction and led to a slowdown.  Projects have been put on hold, or less emphasis to get done soon. This has shown up as loss of bonuses, reduced work and loss of jobs.  Things were humming along so nicely and someone put the brakes on.

Is it time to panic?  I don't think so, but it should be time to reassess.  For those who have felt the sting of layoffs, no or much lower bonuses, there are adjustments that need to be made and some of them are time sensitive.
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