Life and Income Protection

Life Insurance Planning---Permanent, Term, how much for how long?
Critical Illness Coverage---That peace of mind lump sum.
Disability Insurance---Monthly payments to replace some lost income
Children's Coverage--Parents will need the time to care for children
Mortgage Coverage--Allows for payments or retiring the mortgage
Travel Insurance--Coverage for out of province travel
Supervisa Insurance--Coverage for parents and grandparents of Cdns
Health & Dental Benefits---Taking care of our bodies
Health Spending Accounts---Tax efficient way to pay for benefits
Investment Planning 

TFSAs---Your swiss army knife account
RESP's---Giving your children a helping hand with their education
Savings and Accumulation--For goals, retirement, purchases
Asset Growth Strategy--What should I allocate where?
Varied Investment Vehicles Strategies--What makes sense for me?
Retirement Planning

Pensions---What options should I take?
RRSP'S--When and how they make sense for my situation?
LIRAs---How do I maximize my lifetime income?
Annuities--Guaranteed Income for life?  When should I use this?
Strategic Planning 

Shareholder Agreement Coverage--What happens to our company?
Buy/Sell Agreement Coverage--How will I buy out my partner?
Developing a Plan--Where do I want to go?  How do I get there?
Growth Strategies--Which tools make sense for me?
Debt Reduction Strategies--What is most efficient for my situation?  
Estate Needs

Parent & Grandparent Gifting---Legacy gifts that last generations
Estate Planning---Who gets what and how efficient is my plan
Estate Equalizations --Fair (not necessarily equal) distributions
Beneficiary Disbursements---Who gets what and keep it private
Estate Transfer Strategies--How efficiently will my assets transfer? 
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