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ESTATE ASSET TRANSFERS---Insufficient & Ineffective Planning Prolongs the Process

It has started to happen more often.  Folks are passing away and increasingly their loved ones are frustrated with the process of taking care of the financial assets left behind. 
The deceased expected and thought one thing, but in reality the survivors are going through a stressful, drawn out process to get things finalized.

Could the process have been made easier? Yes, in most cases. 
Why didn't they plan for this? They may have but not as efficiently as they expected.
Why does the family have this headache compounded with losing a loved one?  Improper use of tools for the job.

I can clear snow with a paintbrush, but a shovel will likely be more efficient.  The paintbrush will still work though.  It will take longer and be more frustrating.

How we structure our assets can make a smoother transition for our loved ones, or a long drawn out affair over several years......Think i'm exaggerating?  Ask around with folks who've lost a loved one in the last few years.  More often than not, they have some headache stories that may have been avoided or at least minimized by better structuring.

Depending on your province of residence, probate fees can be horrendous.  Alberta is one of the fortunate ones where probate is inexpensive, but the time for the process can be quite drawn out sometimes.

Is there a way to structure your affairs so things can be disbursed in a private, efficient and timely way?  Yes.

We can help you with that.


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brillasignment.co.uk on April-22-17 2:24 AM
Nice job, estate asset transfers insufficient and ineffecient planning prolongs process,keep it up. Mostly sharing about reality the survivors are going through a stressful drawn out process finalized.
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